Flame Soldering

Project: Flame soldering machine to solder brass pins

The flame soldering machine solders brass pins to pre-punched brass badges. The badges are automatically fed from a magazine onto a rotary indexing table and processed over 8 stations. The soldering process is consistently monitored with sensors. The hydrogen used for flame welding is generated directly in the machine.

Setup includes:

  • Machine frame with guard
  • Rotary indexing table with 8 stations
  • Vertical lifting unit
  • 2 gantry axes
  • Scara Robot with soldering paste dosing
  • Hydrogen generator
  • Scara Robot with flame soldering head
  • Punch unit
  • Wire dispenser
  • Conveyor belt
  • PLC control with swivelling operating terminal

Each soldering position can be entered and saved. When the type of work piece is changed, the machine is very easy to adjust by selecting a different programme on the PLC formula control touch panel. The soldering machine can also be easily and flexibly extended for new products.


Project: Flame soldering machine to hard solder aluminium cooling segments

The flame soldering machine is used for soldering aluminium cooling segments. The cooling elements are hard-soldered at the interfaces. The soldering points are heated by a hydrogen flame which melts the solder with integrated flux. Automatic soldering takes place simultaneously at different joints.

The system is automatically loaded and the finished soldered cooling segment is automatically removed by a robot.

Consisting of:

  • Machine frame with protection
  • Hydrogen generator (hydrogen is produced directly at the machine)
  • Sensor technology for monitoring
  • Automatic melting detection at each solder joint
  • Automatic ignition units and gas flow control valves for each flame
  • Needle marker for marking
  • Connection of the machine to superordinate control system
  • SPS - programming with operator terminal

Mastery of the soldering process is the prerequisite for the development of such automated systems. The required brazing temperature is only slightly below the melting temperature of aluminium. Ensuring the repeatedly and reliability of the process is a great challenge. Because of decades of experience of the ELMOTEC team, the development and production of these high-precision soldering is possible. These machines work in 3-shift operation to the complete satisfaction of our end customer, reaching cycle times of hess than two minutes.

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