Soldering Technology

Our soldering equipment and soldering machines have a high level of quality and are user friendly. Depending on the application a variety of soldering techniques are used, such as piston soldering, high-frequency soldering and flame soldering.

Our extensive knowledge, experience and continuous cooperation with customers ensures that we are applying the latest developments in the field of soldering technology.  You as a customer will have the confidence obtaining competent advice and a tailor made solution for your existing or planned manufacturing process. We are your specialist for soldering technology and soldering automation.

  • Soldering Systems

    Soldering Systems

    Elmotec soldering systems, equipment provide users a high performance at automation soldering.

  • Soldering Machines

    Soldering Machines

    All our work is done to exact specifications. Production of parts is done with utmost care and the least specification tolerance technically possible. Meticulous quality control and quality assurance is applied to all products leaving the Elmotec facility.

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