Wire Feeder DVS 1490®

Precision and reliability

  • Monitored parameters
  • Integrated controller
  • Position-controlled feeder

Good reproducibility and the logging of the corresponding process data are indispensable for modern applications. Our controlled wire feeder increases the quality and reduces the overall costs. The feeder is intended for applications where quality, reliability and precision are crucial. Hard solder, soft solder and other wire materials are feed and dosed with precision.


  • High-performance closed-loop control based on FPGA circuit topology.
  • Brushless DC motor technology.
  • Controlled contact pressure.
  • Position-controlled feeder.
  • Monitoring of process parameters, such as position, current, wire break etc.
  • Integrated data logger and fault memory for optimal support during commissioning and troubleshooting.
  • Memory of up to 20 predefined and individually accessible drive profiles.
  • All process-relevant data can be exported and edited further.


5-CAD Views Wire Feeder






DVS1490 wire feeder left side 
DVS1490 wire feeder left side
DVS1490 wire feeder right side 
DVS1490 wire feeder right side
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