Soldering Head for Flame Soldering

Do you require the maximum energy possible on the smallest possible space? Our flame soldering head is the perfect solution from our portfolio. A nozzle diameter of 0.5 to 1.2 mm offers you micro flame soldering in a new dimension. Different nozzles and a flame temperature of 2850°C create a highly flexible power package which is optimally adjusted to your needs.

Area of Application:
Micro flame soldering is primarily used in areas where hard soldering is required (for example in the jewellery industry). This procedure can also be used for applications unrelated to soldering, such as flame polishing.


Soldering Head for High-Frequency Soldering

A new format of high-frequency soldering. Our high-frequency soldering head provides induction heating in the smallest format possible. Its maximum heating power of 2000 W guarantees reliable soldering connections to metallic components.

Area of Application:
High-frequency soldering is used to heat metallic components with a high mass. Due to its very high temperature input to surfaces that can be adjusted in size flexibly, this procedure is able to provide the best possible process times.


Soldering Head for Laser Soldering

With the laser soldering head, we offer the perfect solution for generating a high degree of energy within a short period of time. Equipped with a 100-W laser and an integrated pyrometer as well as a camera, it enables perfect soldering without much room.

Area of Application:
Soldering requiring a high degree of precision without much space is the supreme discipline of laser soldering. The high degree of energy density and a good transmission to the material are advantageous especially for heat-sensitive electronic components, such as flex prints, since the temperature effect on other components is minimised.

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