Soldering Machines

Depending on the application, different types of soldering technologies are used, such as iron soldering, laser soldering,
high-frequency soldering, hot bar soldering, flame soldering. Our extensive expert knowledge and continuous adjustments to our customers’ wishes and market requirements ensure that we provide thorough, competent consulting and further development of our soldering products for an optimisation of your manufacturing processes.

  • SolderSmart® TOP

    SolderSmart® TOP

    The SolderSmart soldering robot is used for fully automated and highly reliable processing of single or multi point soldering spots. Axes control is achieved via a PC

  • SolderSmart® MAX

    SolderSmart® MAX

    Automated soldering of single pins on various printed circuits. Setup includes a cleaning system for the soldering tip thus increasing the life span of it and extending operational use.

  • Thermode Soldering

    Thermode Soldering

    Automatic thermode soldering (hot bar soldering). The soldering machine monitors the temperature at the thermode, which controls the soldering process. A linear transport system for automatic cable feeding can be attached.

  • High-Frequency Soldering

    High-Frequency Soldering

    The parts are fed into a tool holder, fixed, and soldered automatically and consistently with a Scara robot. The feeding and loading of the cables is monitored by sensors.

  • Flame Soldering

    Flame Soldering

    The soldering process is consistently monitored with sensors. The hydrogen used for flame welding is generated directly in the machine.

  • Laser Soldering

    Laser Soldering

    Automatic soldering of Pins on different implementation of boards. The laser soldering can be used for the most different materials. The soldering robots disposes of a laser which small like bigger solder connections carries out in the shortest time.

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