SolderSmart® TOP Soldering Robot

Experience the new way of soldering

  • Replace your hand soldring tasks with the SolderSmart® table top solution 
  • The SolderSmart will bring your production quality on a new level with repeatability  
  • Highest precision thanks to electrical linear axis and automated zero point calibration
  • Ready for monitoring & traceability tasks
  • Easy plug and play solution
  • Developed and made in Switzerland

The SolderSmart® soldering robot meets the highest technical standards. The soldering process is monitored and documented (traceability). Typical application areas are THT components soldering on assembled boards, soldering stranded wires to boards and soldering of connectors.


Innovative Technology

Autom. zero point calibration
Ensures that the soldering tip is correctly aligned at all times

  • after soldering tip change
  • after heating element change
  • after program change
  • after maintenance
  • after solder wire change

Autom. soldering tip measurement
Ensures that the correct size of soldering tip is used

  • after soldering tip change
  • after program change
  • store soldering tip size per program
    and activate automatic control
  • after maintenance
  • after solder wire change

Drag soldering
Drag soldering enables a faster soldering process and reduces the cycle time. It can also be combined in a single soldering process with point-by-point soldering.


The plus points

SolderSmart Software
  • Intuitive teaching of solder points
    by input of the geometries, by pressing the arrow keys
  • Traceability of soldering process parameters
  • Data export and remote access
  • High precision wire feeder (DVS1490)
  • Non-twisting closure for the soldering iron
  • Wide range of valuable functions integrated:
    - drag soldering
    - automatic threading aid of the solder wire   up to the soldering tip
    - autom. soldering tip measurement / control

... and many more.

Please find all advantages in our Brochure


Upgrade Options

Machine Vision System

Protection for the user, the environment & the machine

self locking and unlocking drawers

LED lighting
of the working surface (for option with hood)

Machine vision system
automatic correction via camera

Touch-Screen Bildschirm

incl. swivelling holder arm

Integrated alignment support

incl. software interface, scanner for barcode / QR Code

Machine frame
incl. vibration damped rollers, which can be levelled and fixed.


Integrate the New SolderSmart® VisionSystem

ELMOTEC SolderSmart® VisionSystem

New SolderSmart® VisionSystem has an intelligent camera with a special lighting to take perfect pictures. It will allow you to reach a new quality level for your production. Chose from following software options to upgrade your SolderSmart®:

  • Position Correction: SolderSmart compensate misalignments of parts by checking fiducial positions of your parts.
  • Traceability: SolderSmart stores process parameters and results on a database. It will read barcodes and stores data with part numbers.
  • Solder Joint Check: SolderSmart will check solder joints and provides a result to the system. 

Learn more about the SolderSmart® VisionSystem here.


Soldering Examples with the SolderSmart

The SolderSmart® allows you to automate soldering tasks very easily. Typicall applications are soldering process for THT components, wires, displays or other applications. You find below examples for soldering task completed on the SolderSmart®.

Do you have a complex soldering task?

1. Battery Package
2. Hidden Soldering Joint
3. Wire to PCBA
4. High Mass Parts
5. Flexible Boards
6. Drag Soldering

Soldering of Battery contacts to the Batttery Management System (BMS). This task is completed by the SolderSmart® in a few seconds. 

You can automate unreachable soldering joints now with the SolderSmart. In this example the SolderSmart solders hidden joints in a plastic housing.

You are able to solder wires to PCBs automated with a repetable process. See our example with 4 wires.

The SolderSmart® provides a lot of possibilities. Their are no limits. Even parts with high mass can be soldered. When you need more power, the SolderSmart® High Performance gives you up to 200 Watt power. 

The SolderSmart® offers you the posibility to solder even flexible boards or other material with a low melting temperature. 

Drag soldering process allows to soldering a row of soldering joints without any pauses. This allows to solder parts with a large number of soldering joints even faster. Typical examples are connectors or displays. 

Soldering trial & advise

Contact us, our soldering experts will be pleased to check your individual request.

  • Analysis & test soldering
  • Training
  • Tool carrier
  • Service and maintenance
  • Online support / services

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